Learning from mistakes without making them

Lifelike training environment

High-end simulator

Eyesi Surgical offers an immersive environment for training of surgical steps. Through the simulator's  microscope, trainees see the virtual surgical field in stereo and high resolution while operating with lifelike surgical instruments. Just as in real surgery, discreet instrument movements are required to avoid undue wound stress, loss of viscoelastic, or diminished red reflex. The highly realistic simulation of interaction with tissue in real-time increases trainees’ surgical experience – without risk for real patients.

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Structured curriculum

Step-by-step to expert performance

Starting with basic skills, the didactically structured courseware of the Eyesi Surgical simulator leads trainees step-by-step to proficiency. The modular courseware concept makes it easy to integrate simulator training into residency programs. Eyesi Surgical allows residents to practice at a level of difficulty appropriate for their current skill level. The training tasks break down complex surgical techniques into smaller pieces. Introductory online medical courses on the VRmNet web portal complement the practical training on the simulator. The number of Eyesi training modules is continuously being extended.

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Detailed assessment

Upon completion of each task, Eyesi Surgical presents trainees with a detailed evaluation of their surgical performance. The system captures various parameters related to microscope and instrument handling, surgical efficiency and tissue handling. The detailed feedback enables physicians to systematically improve their skills. Networked simulators even provide a ranking of individual performance compared to the performance of other Eyesi users. Educators also maintain an overview of the current training status of their cohorts at all times via the VRmNet portal.

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Cataract surgery

Cataract training modules

The Eyesi cataract courses include surgery training modules for capsulorhexis, hydro dissection, phaco, irrigation/aspiration, and IOL insertion as well as complications management. Abstract simulation tasks repeat and reinforce microsurgical motor skills, microscope handling, proper pivoting at the incision, and understanding of spatial boundaries. 

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Retina surgery

Vitreoretinal training modules

For training posterior segment surgeries, the Eyesi Surgical platform can be equipped with a vitreoretinal interface including wide-angle auxiliary optics. After introductory exercises on basic surgical skills, training modules are available for posterior hyaloid detachment, internal limiting membrane (ILM) detachment, epiretinal membrane removal or retinal detachment treatment.

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VRmNet web portal

Online services for networked simulators

VRmNet is a web-based service for networked Eyesi simulators offering online courses for trainees and administration tools for educators. The personalized VRmNet dashboard can be accessed online from any computer or mobile device. VRmNet also offers benefits for operation and service.

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Validated training methods

Numerous studies have validated the training concepts of training simulators by Haag-Streit Simulation and have proven that beginners, residents, and experienced doctors benefit from simulator training.

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