Structured curriculum

Step-by-step to expert performance

Introductory courses

Basic skills training

For training of basic surgical skills, Eyesi Surgical offers introductory tasks that foster microsurgical motor skills, microscope handling, and spatial orientation inside the eye. The abstract scenarios have been designed to advance the coordination of hand, eye, and foot. Exercises aim at minimizing excess movements and proper pivoting at the incision.

Beginner’s courses

Isolated surgical tasks

In the beginner’s courses, abstract instrument handling tasks are trained, followed by isolated surgical steps. In the cataract courses, trainees practice first steps in capsulorhexis, lens segmentation, lens removal, and intraocular lens insertion. In the vitreoretinal courses, they have to perform first steps in peeling and removing membranes, using the endolaser, and setting the vitrectomy machine for different purposes.

Intermediate courses

Multistep procedures

In the intermediate courses, the acquired skills are refined through more challenging scenarios and more advanced surgery techniques. Training modules also require trainees to perform multistep procedures.

Advanced courses

Complications management

In the advanced Eyesi Surgical courses, trainees can practice complications management in a controlled and safe environment. The courses offer difficult cases and challenge trainees by randomized complications, requiring them to adapt to the surgical scenario quickly. Available training modules feature rescuing an errant rhexis tear, inserting an iris expansion ring in patients with floppy iris syndrome, implanting a capsular tension ring, or performing an anterior vitrectomy.

Complementary online courses

Medical background

Optional online courses on the VRmNet web portal are intertwined with the simulator curriculum and complement the practical simulator training. The courses provide medical background information on anatomy, preparatory steps for eye surgery, and provide detailed information on surgical techniques. Expert videos offer insights from experienced surgeons.