Timeless Correx tension gauges

Providing precise measurement of mechanical forces for over 90 years

Correx tension gauges are in demand wherever there is a need to record precise measurement of small mechanical forces. For example: in the construction of mechanical apparatuses; in the production of record players; when inspecting control and steering elements in motor vehicles; and in the general measurement of switching and contact pressures. Over the years, we have extended the portfolio to offer a wide range of models, each with a precise measurement capacity to suit the needs of your industry or project.

The Correx family of tension gauges allow easy measurement of mechanical forces in both directions. For convenience, we offer two different feeler tips: flat, or round, to suit your application. Some models also feature a maximum force indicator.

The Correx brand is an outstanding example of the way that Haag-Streit devices have been utilized in different industries. In this example, from around 1955, a Swissair engineer uses a Correx tension gauge in his daily work. Learn more about Haag-Streit’s rich history.