Our vision, mission & motto

Understanding vision for the good of the people.

Vision is one of the most important human senses. That’s why we want to contribute to maintaining and, if possible, improving eyesight, thus enhancing the quality of life of patients with eye diseases.

It is crucial that we strive to gain a comprehensive understanding of all the critical factors surrounding eye care.

This means understanding the needs of ophthalmology and putting them at the heart of everything we do. By working closely with institutions such as universities, eye clinics, and hospitals, we contribute to, and help advance, eye care research and development.


We strive to support eye care professionals on their journey to improve vision with innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions to achieve the best possible outcome for patients worldwide.

Innovation alone is not enough if we want to achieve the best possible results for patients with eye conditions with our products.

Rather, we integrate our products, connect them as seamlessly as possible, and thereby develop them into efficient solutions. Sustainability is a highly important and ever-present topic for us. That's why it's embedded into the heart of our corporate strategy.

Look closer. See further.

Working with well-respected scientists and physicians worldwide for over 160 years.

According to the principle: "Look closer, see further", we work with attention to detail to develop and manufacture innovative and progressive comprehensive solutions of highest quality for eye care specialists.