Learning from mistakes without making them

What inspires us

While we are driven by the fascination for technology, it has always been our aspiration to use virtual reality as a new media for the benefit of people. With virtual reality, we provide risk-free training environments, and effectively extend the methods of learning. With longstanding experience in adding simulator-based training to educational programs, we have acquired a passionate expertise for teaching. With our products, we contribute to raising quality standards in medical training and healthcare.

Raising the benchmark in medical simulation

Our expertise

Physics-based models developed by Haag-Streit allow for a highly realistic simulation of anatomical structures and dynamic interaction with tissue in real-time. With highest competence in software and hardware development, Haag-Streit designs its training simulators to resemble the real surgical or diagnostic scenario down to the last detail. For more than twenty years, we have been raising the benchmark in medical simulation technology.

Setting standards in medical training

Our clients and partners

More than 450 schools for ophthalmology, optometry, and medical education use simulators from Haag-Streit Simulation in their training programs. More than 1000 Eyesi simulators are in use on all continents and even in the air—on board the Orbis “Flying Eye Hospital”. To enhance our products continuously, we cooperate with experts from around the world. Only through scientific exchange and the effort and commitment of our partners are we able to successfully develop high-end simulation and innovative teaching concepts.