Retina surgery

Vitreoretinal training modules

Vitreoretinal interface

Eyesi Surgical platform

For training of posterior segment surgery, the Eyesi Surgical platform can be equipped with a vitreoretinal interface, consisting of a patient model head, instrument set, and auxiliary optics. During virtual surgery, instruments such as light probe, forceps, endolaser, or vitrector are available as well as a vitrectomy machine interface.

Wide-angle viewing system

Lifelike simulation of auxiliary optics

To enhance the lifelike training environment of Eyesi Surgical for posterior segment surgery, it is possible to integrate a binocular indirect ophthalmomicroscope and a stereoscopic diagonal inverter hardware mimic, which is operated just like a real OCULUS BIOM®/SDI® in the operating room. The complex interactions of the auxiliary optics are reproduced accurately. Even an accidental touch of the cornea with the lens is reproduced in the simulation.

Training modules

Embedded courseware

The Eyesi Surgical vitreoretinal courseware is designed to help trainees develop essential surgical skills for posterior segment surgery. The curriculum includes posterior hyaloid detachment, internal limiting membrane (ILM) peeling, the removal of epiretinal membranes, or the treatment of retinal detachments with oil or gas endotamponades. A realistic training environment is provided through the possibility of scleral indentation, a vitrectomy machine, an endolaser, or air, oil, and gas infusion.

Embedded curriculum

Training at the right level of difficulty

Eyesi Surgical’s vitreoretinal course for beginners uses abstract scenarios to train basic surgical skills, such as instrument navigation in the vitreous and using the non-dominant hand, or efficient use of the microscope, auxiliary optics, and light source. In the next tier, trainees will practice peeling and removing membranes, using the endolaser, and setting the vitrectomy machine. The advanced courses refine the already acquired surgery skills by training multi-step vitreoretinal procedures under increasingly demanding conditions, such as retinal detachment treatment. Enhanced proficiency with the non-dominant hand is required to peel highly adherent membranes.

Online courses

Introduction to posterior segment surgery

To complement the practical simulator training, VRmNet features a vitreoretinal online course, which introduces the core concepts and indications of posterior segment surgery. Further, trainees learn about patient preparation, instruments, and vitreoretinal optics. They also receive hands-on tips on mastering their first practical simulator tasks. The range of available online courses is continuously being extended.