Detailed assessment

Objective Evaluation

Detailed assessment

Eyesi Surgical offers immediate feedback on the surgical performance after each training task. Trainees are presented with a detailed evaluation report on various parameters related to microscope and instrument handling, surgical efficiency and tissue handling. Furthermore, the training system features a resident simulation video library with time lapse function for retrospective error detection and discussion.

Immediate feedback

Educational support

Eyesi Surgical features visual and auditive guidance to support beginners in their learning process. During training, graphical elements support trainees, by indicating the optimal rhexis diameter, injection speed, or the distance of the instrument to lens and cornea, for example. Additional text messages point out surgical mistakes.

Performance reliability

Scoring gates

The Eyesi Surgical courseware uses scoring gates to ensure reliability of the performance level; trainees can only advance through assigned courses after having met a required minimum score three times in a row.

Challenge course

Performance over time

The Cataract Challenge course has been designed to benchmark residents’ training performance over time. The course mimics the conditions of real surgery. Every 60 minutes of training time, trainees have to perform a complete cataract procedure in sequential order. They only have one attempt at each cataract step and a limited time window of 15 minutes.

Peer group comparison

Performance evaluation on networked simulators

On networked simulators, trainees can view an evaluation that ranks their individual performance against other Eyesi Surgical users after each surgical task. A presentation with box-and-whisker plots allows for individuals to judge their own performance at a glance. Both residents and educators can also access the peer-group comparison on the VRmNet web portal.

Performance Monitoring

Tools for educators

Educators can view their residents’ training status online and compare their results to peer group training data. Configurable notifications and reports keep teachers informed on important milestones.