01.05. Mon
Haag-Streit launches EyeSuite software version i9.13
EyeSuite i9.13 offers exciting new features for the Eyestar 900’s Anterior Chamber Suite and market-first, unique new functionality for the Lenstar Myopia. In addition, it’s excellent existing portfolio of IOL calculations has been further improved.
14.04. Fri
Lenstar Myopia now includes the new, unique AMMC® framework by Prof. Dr. Hakan Kaymak
Haag-Streit is pleased to announce the Lenstar Myopia now includes the new AMMC® framework by Prof. Dr. Hakan Kaymak.
12.04. Wed
Haag-Streit launches 5th ‘Slit Lamp Imaging Competition‘
After four successful years, Haag-Streit has launched its ‘Slit Lamp Imaging Competition 2023’. The competition gives eyecare professionals across the globe an opportunity to showcase their slit lamp imaging skills. Judging criteria will include image quality, technical execution, and disease interest.
06.03. Mon
Haag-Streit USA launches Reliance Optometry Workplace exam lane solution in the US
A single workplace solution from your trusted partners, Haag-Streit and Reliance
06.02. Mon
Next level of phaco training – Eyesi Surgical simulator features a new lens simulation model
The Eyesi Surgical simulator features a new simulation model of the eye's lens for phacoemulsification training. The image shows the model's mesh while burying the phaco tip into the nucleus.
02.02. Thu
Biometry Focus Month webinars now available to view online
2nd February 2023 - In November 2022, Haag-Streit hosted several educational webinars as part of its Biometry Focus Month. These individual webinars, as well as videos of the highlights of each webinar series are now available online.
10.01. Tue
Trade fair highlight at the American Academy of Ophthalmology
The Haag-Streit Group presented a new training concept with Eyesi Simulators and Hi-R NEO 900 microscopes at the trade fair of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.
02.11. Wed
Eyesi Surgical Simulator at the Smithsonian’s Museum
The Eyesi Surgical virtual reality training simulator is part of an exhibition in which artifacts from the second-generation Orbis Flying Eye Hospital DC-10 aircraft are featured at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C., USA.
21.01. Fri
Gonioscopy module available for Eyesi Slit Lamp Simulator
Mannheim, Germany. Haag-Streit Simulation has introduced a gonioscopy module for its Eyesi Slit Lamp Simulator. Besides examination training for the anterior and posterior segment of the eye, the training system now also offers visualization of the iridocorneal angle.