When synergies make an impact


We develop and manufacture ultra-precise, complex systems for a wide range of tasks. We design, produce, and assemble all components for optical and precision-mechanics in-house. We offer advanced thin-film technology and have state-of-the-art measurement technology used during production processes as well as for final inspection—all under one roof. For you, this means not only significantly greater efficiency and quality. The close interaction of our competencies allows us to think outside the box for each individual subdivision and find innovative solutions—which would be unthinkable otherwise.



Precisely tailored optical systems


In our clean room, we assemble and adjust subassemblies of optical, mechanical and electronic components. In this way, individual parts become one unit—a complex, durable, reliable and efficient optical system.

Components for your products


We produce the optical and other components for the well-established instruments of the Haag-Streit Group—in particular, for Haag-Streit slit lamps, which have an excellent reputation in ophthalmology. The final stages of production take place under strictly controlled clean room conditions: precision optical and mechanical components, manufactured in-house, are assembled into high-precision optical systems by our well-trained and specialized staff. All our customers, for whom we manufacture individual assemblies as an OEM supplier, benefit from our decades of experience and the resulting know-how in assembly and alignment.

Complex assemblies with more than
15 optics
Precise alignment
1 μm
Clean room (Iso class &)

"As the last link in the chain, we often have a rather, shall we say, sporty schedule for our tasks. That's when teamwork counts - and it's always a great feeling to have mastered a challenge together."

Urs Brunner, Assembly Manager

We make your life easier


Spectros components are created in a clean room—but these doors remain open for you. Even in this phase of production, we attach the greatest importance to proximity to our customers and to a constant exchange of ideas. We are convinced that this is the only way to achieve the optimum result. Because the way we see it, we don't just deliver a piece of technology; we create a reliable, traceable module from optics and mechanics that can be directly audited if necessary. Instead of having to deal with the assembly of individual parts themselves, our customers can focus on their core business.

Quality assurance

Quality management means: customer satisfaction


A human hair is on average about 70 µm thick. In our world, precision in the order of several thousandths of this value is required. That's why quality management and final product inspections play a central role in our manufacturing process.

Proven processes and consistent final inspection


Our uncompromising commitment to precision and state-of-the-art measuring instruments such as interferometer, OptiCentric and MTF enables us to reliably check compliance with all specifications: Spectros AG's quality management rests on these cornerstones. Our company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and we have a clearly defined QM system for the continuous improvement of our processes. All measuring equipment used is regularly tested by independent laboratories. In the spirit of efficiency, we select for each order exactly those measures which are necessary to ensure the central task of quality management: a delivery that meets all of its requirements according to your specifications.

"Quality management has a lot to do with anticipating all eventualities and establishing rules that work in practice. Yes, a certain tendency to perfectionism is probably also part of it!"

Gilberto Katona, Head of Quality Management

You choose the degree of detail


Our optics and assemblies are used in a wide variety of applications, and the demands placed on them are correspondingly diverse. The situation is very similar with quality assurance: different parameters apply to each order, which we meet with the appropriate test protocols, processes, and procedures. Particular importance is attached to the traceability of components, which we can guarantee for each individual component if required. Whether material verification, melting certificate, logging of production steps or coating measurement curve: You decide which elements of our quality management you require.

Precision optics

Optics for your most complicated requirements


We manufacture spherical, aspherical, planar and cubic precision optics, made from glass, silicon, quartz and calcium fluoride. These components are used by customers in a wide variety of fields, or they are assembled directly by us into complex modules.

Optical components with first-class performance

Optical components with first-class performance

The work of our specialists in precision optics forms the basis of the accuracy of the systems that are created both at Spectros, and those processed further by our customers. Whether a single piece or a series of several tens of thousands of units per year: high-quality raw glass is ground, polished, cemented, centered, and individually coated by us using our in-house coating systems. Using state-of-the-art measurement technology, we ensure that every component that leaves our premises meets its requirements.

Angle precision
Surface quality
Polishing quality better than

"I'm fascinated by the fact that in our business it's not enough to simply press the right button on a machine. Our most important tools are the know-how and experience of our employees."

- Oliver Laubacher, Head of the Precision Optics Division

Sophisticated manufacturing, advanced thin film technology


At Spectros, we design the exact optics you need based on your specifications. This applies to unusual geometries, extreme diameters, and edge lengths, as well as coatings with reflective, anti-reflective, filtering and protective properties. Our standard products include:

  • Spherical lenses
  • Aspherical lenses
  • Mirrors
  • Plano optics
  • Prisms
  • Beam splitters
  • Filters
  • Alignment turning


Passionate customer-oriented development


Our expertise and experience in mechanical and optical design turns your requirements into viable, highly efficient, and reliable solutions. With careful analysis, we lay the foundation for the successful development and production of components and systems precisely tailored to your needs.

Interaction between people & technology


At Spectros, you can rely on this: You always speak directly with highly qualified, highly motivated specialists—who in turn work hand-in-hand with the employees in production and assembly. These close relationships not only enable rapid response times, but also ensure fast progression: from feasibility testing to the first prototypes and small batches, to well-rehearsed, reliable, and tested production. We develop suitable solutions for you, and with you—or optimize your existing components and systems on request.

"For us developers, there are always many ways to achieve a goal. For me, I’ve had a good day when I’ve found the most efficient way."

- Simon Krause, Site Manager Microscopy / Head of Technology

Know-how becomes innovation

Rely on 70 years of experience: thanks to our work for customers in a wide range of industries with diverse, highly varied requirement profiles, we have broad-based expertise. This applies to typical materials, but also to joining technologies, testing methods, and all the other building blocks that are necessary for your success— and, above all, alignment turning, which enables even higher precision results in high-precision applications.

Precision mechanics

Mechanical components for precision systems

Cutting machinery

We produce mounts and other precision mechanical components, both for our own needs and as a subcontractor to external customers. Our main materials are aluminum, brass, stainless steel, titanium and various plastics adapted to the specific application.

In-house production for maximum precision


We manufacture the mechanical components for our optical systems in-house. Our specialized employees have access to state-of-the-art CNC machinery with turning and milling centers with up to nine axes. An innovative programming system allows the production of highly complex rotationally symmetric and cubic components with unprecedented efficiency. In addition, we have great expertise and sophisticated technical capabilities in the field of finishing, including blue pickling, anodizing, barrel finishing or glass bead blasting.


Our employees know what it means to manufacture high-precision mechanical components for optical systems. They use a special "feeling", which is also used by other manufacturers of optical assemblies.

Axis turning milling center
Wall thickness - high precision

"What I like about our work is that we do the manufacturing ourselves from start to finish from the 3D model to the real manufactured casing, from a piece of metal to the cleaned and ready-to-assemble component."

Michel Schmitt, Head of Mechanics

As thin as it is precise


One of the most demanding tasks in precision engineering is the production of particularly precise and thinly walled parts. We have taken on this challenge and made it one of our core competencies. This has only been possible thanks to the experience of our employees who have been enthusiastic about the subject for many years and have the corresponding knowledge in CNC programming.