Specialized knowledge and many years of experience


Our components and systems are used in numerous applications in many different sectors. Through many years of working for companies in these industries, we understand their specific requirements and can transfer this knowledge to other areas if necessary. In close cooperation and consultation with you, we develop optical solutions even for unusual problems.


Optical systems for high-tech lasers


We manufacture components and complex assemblies for laser applications in a wide variety of fields—with a focus on laser material processing and laser beam shaping.

One tool for many tasks


Lasers are considered one of the most versatile tools in materials processing. Whether for cutting, welding, drilling, marking, or microstructuring: with our components and systems, we deliver the right solution to meet your needs and specifications. Of course, our products such as beam expanders and other components are suitable for other applications: let us know what you need—with our expertise and technical capabilities, we will get you there. Our extensive experience and understanding of the extreme requirements for robustness and performance of all parts guarantees the highest quality and durability. Exactly as you expect it.

Optics must withstand during laser drilling 100 J/cm²
AR-Coating Transmission
Wavelengths from 175nm to 3300nm

Beam expander (1- to 6-fold) for laser processing

Beam expander (1- to 6-fold) for laser processing

For our Swiss customers, we manufacture beam expanders with motorized zoom adjustment. Through a special coating of the optics used, we achieve the high damage threshold necessary for extreme laser loads while simultaneously maintaining maximum transmission. A specialty of the product is its impressive pointing stability with a deviation of less than one angular minute over the complete zoom range. The automated focus shift correction ensures maximum precision in the long term. That is why we give our customer a guarantee of no less than two million zoom cycles.


Compact instruments for working in the field


In the field of terrain surveying, we offer our own products under the well-known MERIDIAN brand name, which are very popular in the forestry industry, among others.

Practical aids for surveying work


MERIDIAN instruments are used all over the world for accurate land surveying. Spectros has been the exclusive manufacturer of these reliable instruments since 1968.

Instruments in use worldwide
env. 7000
On 5 continents
Swiss Made

Medical technology

Complex optics and components for camera systems

Medical technology

For many years, we have acted as the internal supplier for optical components and systems within the Haag-Streit Group, which specializes in medical technology. Accordingly, we have extensive experience with modules for cameras in ophthalmology and dentistry, among others.

Inner workings for pioneering surgical microscope


We supply the Haag-Streit Group with the optical assemblies for the high-end surgical microscope HS Hi-R NEO 900. Our components enable excellent visualization quality and thus create the basis for outstanding assessment and treatment. The HS Hi-R NEO 900 convinces with best three-dimensional view with superior red reflex and allows uncomplicated co-observation for training purposes.

Image processing and metrology

Components for optical sensors

Image processing and metrology

On behalf of our customers in image processing and metrology, we manufacture lenses and other components for non-contact and particularly fast measuring systems, which are also suitable in difficult conditions and for large distances.

Versatile measuring instruments


The specific areas of application for our measuring systems is almost limitless. Spectros components can be found in systems for determining gap masses, angles, distances, diameters, shape, thickness, and industrial image processing, among others. Naturally, the demands on the accuracy and complexity of such components are particularly high. Added to this are the sometimes difficult environmental conditions in which they are used.

Use in sensor technology with resolution in the Nm range
Ultra precise systems
Batch sizes

Space & defense

Optical systems for use in space


We supply customers in the space and defense sectors with sophisticated assemblies, often manufactured in very small quantities. Naturally, such applications place extraordinary requirements on our systems.

Optics and components for extreme conditions


Optical systems for the space and defense sector pose very special challenges for the manufacturer. On the one hand, particularly precise documentation of all materials and work steps is required; on the other hand, robustness and durability, as well as quality control in particular, are of even greater importance. This is because the modules are subject to extreme stresses beyond the typical spectrum over long periods of time, for example from cosmic radiation or strong acceleration forces. We have the experience and expertise to successfully master these challenges.

Most distant Spectros product