Haag-Streit to unveil an exciting new booth at the 41st Congress of the ESCRS

Firstly, Haag-Streit will offer an exciting ‘sneak preview’ of a new high-end indirect ophthalmoscope simulator for training retinal examinations on premature infants. 

The Eyesi Indirect ROP simulator provides ophthalmologists with a risk-free yet lifelike environment for the training of the challenging examination. Retinal examinations on premature infants must be performed efficiently to minimize stress for already weak patients. ROP (short for Retinopathy of Prematurity) is one of the leading causes of severe visual impairment in premature infants, including blindness. With early diagnosis, severe structural malformations can be prevented. Eyesi Indirect ROP offers an embedded curriculum for diagnostic and classification skills training. Haag-Streit will officially launch the simulator in Q1 2024.

In addition to the new Eyesi Indirect ROP, the Eyesi Surgical and Eyesi Slit Lamp ophthalmic virtual reality simulators will also be available at the Haag-Streit booth. 

Diagnostic equipment available will include the; Eyestar 900 (with exciting newly-launched features to its Anterior Chamber Suite), Octopus 900 perimeter, BP 900 and BQ 900 ‘gold-standard’ slit lamps (with IM 910 imaging modules), and the Lenstar 900 and Lenstar Myopia biometers, which will be showcased alongside a DOMS HS-2010 refraction examination unit. 

Surgical equipment available at the booth includes the Hi-R NEO 900 microscope and a selection of John Weiss micro-surgical instruments. 

Haag-Streit’s booth will also include a concept of an Ophthalmic Skills Training Center (OSTC). This genuine educational setup will feature wet lab working stations using Hi-R NEO 900 microscopes and high-end Eyesi Surgical training simulators. This combination provides a close-to-life training environment fostering an optimal transition of acquired ophthalmic skills to real surgery. Moreover, the simulator’s means for evaluation and monitoring gives both educators and residents confidence in the acquired skill level before entering the OR. 

Delegates are invited to visit Haag-Streit’s Ophthalmic Skills Training Center (OSTC) and choose from a menu of training concept experiences for cataract surgery, more advanced phaco chopping techniques, and anterior vitrectomy.

Please visit booth B409, and a member of the Haag-Streit Team will be delighted to organize an OSTC experience or demonstrate any of the devices within the Haag-Streit portfolio.