ESCRS “Sneak preview”: Eyesi Indirect ROP simulator

ROP is one of the leading causes of serious visual impairment in premature infants, including blindness. With early diagnosis, severe structural malformations can be prevented. Yet, performing a retinal examination on a premature infant is challenging and must be carried out quickly and skilfully due to the baby’s lack of cooperation.

Until now, residents have learned to perform the examination on the infant patient; the experienced doctor screens the infant first, and then the assistant doctor repeats the examination. This stressful situation can lead to a reduced heart rhythm and additional stress release for the already weak infant. To provide residents with the opportunity to practice device handling and decision-making in a lifelike yet risk-free environment, Haag-Streit is currently developing this high-end simulator, which is based on the technology platform of the Eyesi Indirect Ophthalmoscope simulator.

Haag-Streit will offer a “sneak preview” of the training system on booth B409 at the 41st Congress of the ESCRS. The simulator will launch in Q1, 2024.