Comprehensive, reliable biometer for cataract surgery planning

Optical biometry

Comprehensive all-in-one solution for accurate IOL prediction

Haag-Streit Lenstar 900 uses optical low coherence reflectometry (OLCR) for measurement of the axial length parameters of the eye. This is the basis for excellent IOL prediction. It was the first optical biometer to capture all relevant axial dimensions of the eye to take full advantage of latest generation IOL prediction methods. Additionally, the Lenstar 900 measures a wide range of useful biometric parameters, including pupillometry, corneal curvature, white-to-white, and more.

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High precision keratometry & topography

For fewer toric surprises

The Lenstar 900’s dual zone keratometry provides highly precise, gold standard measurement of keratometry, astigmatism, and axis orientation. The optional T-cone further extends Lenstar 900 to offer true 11-ring Placido topography of the central 6mm optical zone. This supports identification of irregular astigmatism and allows double checking on the axis location, both enabling well-informed IOL selection and increased safety of toric IOL surgery.

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EyeSuite IOL

A cutting-edge planning platform

The comprehensive EyeSuite IOL enables excellent refractive outcomes and simplifies IOL selection without the need to transfer data and risking transcription errors. It offers latest generation IOL calculation methods like Hill-RBF, Barrett and Olsen. For torics it features an extensive planning suite and enables creation of intuitive surgical planning sketches that support excellent transfer from plan to surgery. For post refractive patients methods supporting calculation with and without clinical history are available.
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Clinically proven product

Excellent outcomes & fewer surprises

Since its introduction in 2008, the Lenstar 900’s prediction accuracy and excellent outcomes have been proven in more than 150 studies. With thousands of devices being sold, millions of patients have enjoyed superb outcomes & fewer surprises when Lenstar 900 was part of their cataract planning process.

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All-at-once measurement

Efficient & easy to delegate

Fast measurement times and effective delegation are key to running an efficient cataract clinic. The Lenstar 900’s biometry, keratometry, pupillometry, and white-to-white measurements, are all acquired during one single data acquisition process. Thanks to its intuitive user-interface and its Automated Positioning System APS, the Lenstar 900 is a productive and cost-effective biometer.

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Myopia Management

Upgrade to include myopia control

With myopia becoming a global pandemic, Haag-Streit has introduced Lenstar Myopia, utilizing the core technology and accuracy of a Lenstar 900 biometer to address the challenge. The tailored myopia control software—with tools for detection and follow up of myopia and parent education reports—is available to any Lenstar 900 and Eyestar 900 user with a straight-forward software update.

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Lenstar 900 Pro Lenstar 900 APS Essential Lenstar 900 APS Pro
B-Scan biometry
Manual exclusion of outliers
Adjustment of A-scan measurement gates
Central Corneal Thickness (CCT)
Lens Thickness (LT)
Pupillometry measurements
Infra-red image
Color photography
Measurement process
Eye positioning Manual Semi automatic Semi automatic
Eye tracking Manual Automatic Automatic
IOL calculation
Hill-RBF Method
Hill-RBF / Abulafia Koch Toric
Barrett Toric
IOL workflow
IOL calculation on viewing stations
Data import
EyeSuite Script Language Refraction Data
Weight (kg / pounds) 6.2 kg / 13.66 lbs 6.6 kg / 14.55 lbs 6.6 kg / 14.55 lbs
Electrical requirements
Power consumption 12 W 30.6 W 30.6 W
● standard | ○ optional | − not available | □ not recommended

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