All-at-once measurement

Efficient & easy to delegate


Efficient scanning process

The measurement process of the Lenstar 900 is fast and optimized to ensure maximum patient comfort. All measurements of the Lenstar including axial biometry scans, keratometry, and optional topography, are acquired in one simple scanning process to minimize downtime.

Step-by-step workflow

Short learning curves for easy delegation

With the step-by-step guided examination workflow, all relevant steps for reliable data acquisition are presented in a self-explanatory manner. This shortens examiner learning curves, and allows for easy delegation.

Automated Positioning System

Ease of use for highly repeatable results

The Lenstar 900’s optional Automatic Positioning System (APS) improves the repeatability of measurements. It assists technicians in the fine alignment of the device by using dynamic eye tracking. This allows for easy delegation of biometry and for efficient patient flows in a busy practice.

Context-based instructions

Advice for examiners & patients

The context-based instructions provide clear, text and image-based instructions throughout the examination process. They offer clear cues on when to fixate and relax, and offer guidance on how to address common challenges such as blinking or insufficient fixation. Following this guidance, patients can confidently navigate the examination, which enhances the quality, efficiency, and comfort of examinations for improved outcomes and patient satisfaction.
Examination cockpit

Immediate identification of unreliable results

The examination cockpit offers a comprehensive overview of the examination status. The video live feed of the patient’s eye supports detection of anomalies such as dry eyes or excessive blinking during the examination process. Additionally, it provides immediate access to both images and biometry data to review data quality during the measurement process. In case of unusual results, the software alerts the examiner allowing for immediate intervention and the option to start over if necessary. This functionality not only saves time but also ensures reliable outcomes.
Automatic process supervision

For excellent quality of the measured data

With the automatic process supervision, the system is diligently monitoring the examination for an examination one can trust. For example, the software provides real-time visual alerts in case the patient's movements exceed acceptable limits, indicating when human intervention is necessary. This approach allows to the examiner to focus on the patient and on the quality of the acquired data.
Alignment guidance

Easy to use also in manual mode

Using alignment guidance, the examiner can easily adjust image focus following the cues of intuitive to read arrows that change in size and direction depending on the focus. This supports the examiner to quickly find the optimal focal point. Additionally, the system also provides clear indications on when the focus is optimal, offering confidence to proceed with the measurements.
Context-based instructions
Examination cockpit
Automatic process supervision
Alignment guidance