Clinically proven product

Excellent outcomes & fewer surprises

Clinically validated

Excellent outcomes in any patient

Since its introduction in 2008, the Lenstar 900’s prediction accuracy and excellent outcomes have been proven in more than 150 studies. With thousands of devices being sold, millions of patients have enjoyed excellent outcomes & fewer surprises when the Lenstar 900 was part of their cataract planning process.

Trusted by experts

Precise data for excellent outcomes

Lenstar 900 has been used by many experts in the field and is appreciated for its IOL power prediction accuracy and its high precision toric results.

Latest generation IOL methods included

High prediction accuracy, even in unusual eyes

EyeSuite IOL has been continuously updated over the years and aims at including even latest generation IOL prediction methods. For example, Hill RBF—a modern IOL Calculation method based on AI—is part of the system. With the best of these methods achieving spectacle independence in many patients, EyeSuite IOL supports excellent prediction accuracy.

Excellent toric planning

Precise data & excellent planning for few surprises

In a recent study using only K readings of Lenstar 900, Dr. Kjell Gunnar Gundersen showed how his use of Lenstar 900 leads to excellent refractive outcomes in toric patients.