Central field white-on-white & fast screening perimeter in one compact device

Central field static perimetry

Covering all essential needs

The Octopus 600 offers a comprehensive library of standard central visual field tests. It includes the G, M, 24-2, 24-2C, 30-2, 32 and 10-2 patterns and tests a full threshold in just 2-4 minutes with the TOP strategy.

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Pulsar and screening

Screening in typically less than one minute

The Octopus 600 allows for fast screening and a quick distinction between normal and abnormal visual fields. Screening can be performed with both standard white-on-white or the patient-friendly Pulsar perimetry designed for early glaucoma detection.
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Octopus & HFA printouts

Flexibility for your practice

Thanks to its flexible printouts, results can be viewed in Octopus and HFA-style. There are standard printouts like the 7-in-1 and the HFA Single Field Analysis. Series and trend views support identification of change and the "both eyes" display is useful to identify neurological defects. Various customization options complete the offering.

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EyeSuite glaucoma analysis

View glaucoma from different angles

The Octopus 600 allows you to view glaucoma visual field series form different angles. Take a look at the highly sensitive Cluster Analysis & the Polar Analysis for structural comparision for single field and progression.

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Perimetry simplified

Usability & ergonomics

The compact Octopus 600 fits almost anywhere and can be operated reliably outside of a darkroom. Its design supports ergonomics positioning for the operator and the patient. 

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Integration into practice workflows

Our EyeSuite software has been designed to support patient flow in busy practices. It controls many Haag-Streit devices and allows for them to be easily networked, whether that's with other Haag-Streit devices, an office computer, or an EMR system— all without the need for any third-party software.

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Octopus 600 Basic Octopus 600 Pro
Stimulus projection
Stimulus size (Goldmann) III III
Max stimulus intensity 150 cd/m² 150 cd/m²
Test methods
Blue-on-yellow (SWAP)
Red Stimuli
Kinetic (manual and semi-automated)
Test strategies
TOP Strategy (full threshold, 2-4 min)
Analysis software
Single field view (7-in-1, single eye, both eyes, user-defined, HFA-style)
Series view
Global progression (MD, sLV, DD, LD)
Cluster Trend
Polar/Optic Nerve Head (ONH) Trend
Special features
Fovea threshold
Pupil measurement
Fixation Control
Customized spherical trial lenses (-11, -12 dpt)
External PC (Windows only)
Integrated PC (Linux embedded)
Integrated touch screen
EMR, Ethernet
Connect to network printer
Connect to shared folder
Connect to remote database
Data import
Octopus 101, 900, 123, 300 and 600
Weight (kg / lbs) 25 kg / 55.11 lbs 25 kg / 55.11 lbs
● standard | ○ optional | − not available | □ not recommended

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