Swept-source OCT with versatile tools for cataract and refractive surgery

Swept-source OCT technology

Precise data for excellent surgical outcomes

The Eyestar 900 is based on future-proof technology: swept-source OCT. It provides the user with precise measurements, comprehensive topography and pachymetry maps and analysis, as well as complete cornea-to-retina biometry, keratometry and high quality, detailed cross-sectional eye images.

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Cataract Suite

Precise measurements for fewer refractive surprises

The Eyestar 900 features excellent cataract penetration. It boasts anterior and posterior corneal topography, dual zone precision keratometry, pachymetry, and lens tilt analysis. Its Zernike wavefront and vision simulation features help to manage patient expectations.

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EyeSuite IOL

The cutting-edge planning platform for IOLs

The comprehensive EyeSuite IOL enables excellent refractive outcomes and simplifies IOL selection without the need to transfer data and risking transcription errors. It offers latest generation IOL calculation methods like Hill-RBF, Barrett, and Olsen. For torics it features an extensive planning suite, incorporating posterior corneal measurements and enabling the creation of intuitive surgical planning sketches supporting excellent transfer from plan to surgery. For post refractive patients methods supporting calculation with and without clinical history are available.
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Anterior Chamber Suite

Comprehensive data & visualization for corneal diagnostics

The Eyestar 900 Anterior Chamber Suite offers precise measurements, extensive data analysis, and excellent images of the anterior chamber. It boasts 12 mm Class A-topography of the anterior and posterior cornea and 18 mm OCT imaging of the anterior segment, including the crystalline lens. Its Corneal Ectasia Display provides a broad range of tools to identify ectatic changes.
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Fully automated device

Measures both eyes in typically 40 seconds

Eyestar 900 has been designed for easy delegation and workflow efficiency in a busy practice. Full automation enables fast data acquisition in typically 40 seconds for both eyes. Thanks to its small footprint, it fits any room.
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Easy integration into practice workflows

The EyeSuite software has been designed for optimum patient flow in busy practices. It controls many Haag-Streit devices and allows for them to be networked with other Haag-Streit devices, office computer, or an EMR system, without the need for any third-party software.

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Eyestar 900 C-Suite Eyestar 900 AC-Suite
Standard deviation of repeated measurements
Topography measurements
Corneal maps diameter (mm / inch) up to 7.5mm / up to 0.3 inches up to 12mm / up to 0.47 inches
Spherical Elevation with 3mm / 0.12 inch exclusion
Difference parameter view and maps
Difference maps
Progression view
Corneal ectasia view
Belin ABCD staging
Pachymetry spacial profiles
OCT imaging
Scan diameter (mm / inch) up to 7.5mm / up to 0.3 inches up to 18mm / 0.7 inches
Line scan stacks
Free single line scan
Point to point distance
Angle measurement (three point)
Area measurement
● standard | ○ optional | − not available | □ not recommended

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