Ophthalmic surgical microscope offering an exceptional optical experience


Innovative ergonomics

The Vertiscope is a special optical component designed to bring the binoculars of the Hi-R NEO 900 toward the surgeon, allowing an upright and relaxed posture. The unique ergonomic design of the Hi-R NEO 900 promotes a healthier alignment of the surgeon’s neck and spine, reducing strain and inefficiency.


Stereoscopic visualization for teacher and assistant

The Hi-R NEO 900A is a microscope optimized for teaching. A secondary assistant microscope with can be positioned on either the left or right side. It easily swivels laterally and the eyepiece head may be inclined and rotated for ergonomic positioning. The assistant scope has its own magnification changer and focus, allowing both surgeons independently to select the focal plane and magnification.

C.RED 900

Red reflex enhancer for anterior segment surgery

With C.RED 900, the Hi-R NEO 900 features an integrated red reflex enhancer designed to visualize all details during cataract surgery, from capsulorhexis to nuclear disassembly and polishing of the capsular bag. A brilliant and stable red-reflex is maintained even at low illumination levels and can be individually adjusted to always achieve a perfect red glow.


Fundus observation system with integrated inverter

For vitreoretinal surgery, the Hi-R NEO 900 microscope can be equipped with the non-contact wide angle ophthalmoscope EIBOS 2. Covered with a sterile drape, it is flipped down for the operation. The focus mechanism and the inverter are integrated, which shortens the microscope’s optical height and makes it easier to handle.

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Carrying system and foot pedals

Convenient microscope controls

The Hi-R NEO 900 floor stand supports the smooth movements of the microscope head and at the same time provides extreme stability. The system is computer-controlled via a touch display for modifying operating settings or microscope parameters. Haag-Streit offers a wireless foot pedal for control of the microscope.

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HD cameras & monitors

Easily integrated imaging solution

C.MOR HD is a medical full HD color video camera that can be connected to the Hi-R NEO 900. The corresponding 21.5"HD monitor C.MON HD with touch function can easily be attached to the microscope ‘s floor stand. 

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Intuitive recording & documentation software

MIOS stands for Microscope Imaging and Operation System. The software’s prime functions are the recording of operation scenes, capturing and
recording of snapshots, and proper identification of patient and hospital data. 

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Precise angle alignment of toric IOLs

TOCULAR is a rotatable wide-angle ocular with an integrated reticle. This can be rotated manually via a sterilizable knob to precisely adjust the implantation angle for alignment of toric IOLs. 

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Standard accessories are available like observers, a depth-of-field diaphragm, and:

Front lenses, 175mm/200mm
EIBOS lenses
Double iris diaphragm
Beam splitter
Video adapter

Hi-R NEO 900 Hi-R NEO 900 A
Accessories (selection)
HS MIOS 5 recording system
C.MOR HD / HD3 cameras
C.MON HD monitor
EIBOS2 fundus viewing system
TOCULAR for angle alignment of toric IOLs
Depth of field enhancer
Stereoscopic observer with 160 deg. Inclinable or fixed eyepiece
Eyepiece Head (standard)
Assistand Scope: Inclinable eyepiece head 160 deg., 12.5x oculars
Asistant microscope
● standard | ○ optional | − not available | □ not recommended

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