The comprehensive solution for myopia management

The solution to myopia management

Lenstar 900 + EyeSuite Myopia = powerful myopia management

Launched in 2020, Lenstar Myopia is the market-leading, comprehensive solution based on the established Lenstar 900 optical biometer combined with powerful EyeSuite Myopia software.

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Myopia management

Confidently detect, diagnose & treat

Lenstar Myopia provides state-of-the-art myopia management. It enables the eye care professional to:

  • Obtain fast, precise measurements and quickly and confidently interpret data to detect myopia
  • Utilize this wealth of data to make an accurate diagnosis to confidently predict myopia’s onset and progression
  • Clearly communicate easy-to-understand information to facilitate true patient/parent education, allowing them to actively participate in the myopia management process
  • Decide on a form of treatment, monitor its progress, adjust where necessary, and control myopia progression.
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Myopia detection

A powerful tool for myopia detection

Early myopia detection allows for conservative therapies, which may be more effective when started sooner. Implementing a comprehensive screening program for children can help in this regard. The Lenstar Myopia is a particularly powerful tool for myopia detection due to its high-precision biometric data and fast measurement process. Eye care professionals can use this technology to identify onsetting myopia cases that would otherwise go undetected.

Myopia diagnosis

Boasting a comprehensive toolkit

Lenstar Myopia includes the Lenstar 900 optical biometer, which is equipped for axial length measurements, keratometry, and vitreous chamber depth. Its comprehensive toolkit also boasts unique features such as refraction, biometry, and environment that allow practitioners to customize patient care. Constantly evolving, Lenstar Myopia now includes the new first-of-its-kind Age-Matched Myopia Control (AMMC®) framework of Prof. Dr. Hakan Kaymak.
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Myopia therapy

Treat, monitor & optimize

Lenstar Myopia’s diagnosis toolkit is complemented with extensive data visualization capabilities. This enables the eye care professional to identify myopia in children quickly, provides a tool to assess the child’s health, decide on a form of treatment, monitor the chosen treatment’s progress, and adjust or optimize the treatment regimen, if necessary.

Powerful patient & parent education

Easy-to-understand myopia report

The Lenstar Myopia was the first myopia management solution in the market to truly facilitate patient and parent education. EyeSuite Myopia combines all collected data in a highly flexible and customizable report based on™. The report provides parents with easy-to-understand information in familiar traffic light colors, enabling them to actively participate in the myopia management process, and commit to and support the appropriate treatment for their child.

Global myopia pandemic

An increase in myopia cases worldwide

It is well-documented that the global myopia pandemic continues to progress rapidly. Most eye care professionals are familiar with the "Report of the Joint World Health Organization—Brien Holden Vision Institute Global Scientific Meeting" and the prediction that myopia will affect around 50% of the world’s population by 2050. Furthermore, one in ten myopic people will likely develop high myopia, which, if left untreated, can have drastic consequences in adulthood. With the increase in myopia cases worldwide, myopia detection, education, and management are in high demand. Lenstar Myopia is the market-leading, comprehensive solution for myopia management.

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