Haag-Streit launches new global website

Haag-Streit, the leading global manufacturer and distributor of “gold-standard” ophthalmic diagnostic devices, surgical microscopes, and virtual reality-based medical simulators, has launched a new global website.

In early 2023, Haag-Streit conducted comprehensive interviews with a cross-section of its customers to obtain an in-depth understanding of each audience’s individual requirements. This ensures that the new web platform now truly reflects the digital journeys pursued by its eye care customers, valued distributors, and potential career seekers.

“In short, we listened to our customers and developed the platform around their needs,” says Urs Dietsch, Business Transformation Manager for Haag-Streit Group in Köniz. “We learned that, when it comes to websites, our busy customers have one simple wish: to find information quickly, and to be able to compare products in just a few clicks. The result is a functional, elegant website, optimized for the unique online journeys of eye care customers.”

Easy access to information

One of the most notable features of the new site is the powerful search functionality. Now, a simple keyword or key phrase search reveals a wealth of related content – organized under intuitive “tabs” to reveal images, videos, publications, and much more.

The integration of comparison tables fulfils the eye care practitioner’s need to compare devices side-by-side, which is highly useful when assessing product families – such as Haag-Streit’s slit lamps for example. In addition, supportive EyeSuite software screens bring the company’s portfolio to life, making the benefits even easier to visualize.

Multi-language platform

One of the biggest needs identified at the start of the project was the ability to serve relevant content to the end user, regardless of geography. As a result, the platform consolidates several websites into one single global site – with relevant, local content for Germany, the UK, and the USA, as well as Haag-Streit’s native Switzerland.   

“Creating truly multi-language content has been a challenge, and one familiar to most global organizations,” continues Dietsch. “How do you create a single global site which still caters for local needs? Our new website tackles this head-on with success.”

Talent management

With a growing workforce of over 1000, hiring and retaining talent is a key priority for Haag-Streit. The new site contains a wealth of information about each of the company’s offices located throughout the world, complete with brand-new employee interviews to provide applicants with an indication of what it’s like to work at Haag-Streit’s different locations.

Looking forward

While the site clearly showcases Haag-Streit’s rich history, there is a wealth of new content that focuses on the future. This includes a spotlight on the company’s Vision & Mission, an introduction to the management team, a reinforced pledge to sustainability, and the digital launch of Haag-Streit’s global service division.

Stefan Haag, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer (CMO) at Haag-Streit Group, comments, “We are very happy to present our modern new website, which for the first time, showcases the entire Haag-Streit portfolio in one place. We look forward to further improving our support of eye care professionals in their digital journey, providing them with relevant information to assist them in making the right investment decisions. Through this new web platform, we have been able to convey the quality that the Haag-Streit brand is renowned for around the world. Finally, we are grateful to the eye care professionals, distributors, and Haag-Streit employees, whose invaluable input made this new website possible.”