Haag-Streit slit lamp 10 Year Limited Warranty

A decade of longevity

Protect your investment for longer, for free

A Haag-Streit slit lamp is renowned, not only for its superb optics and high-precision mechanics, but also its exceptional durability. In the unlikely event that you have a service issue with your slit lamp, we are pleased to include a 10 Year Limited Warranty. This covers all parts of your slit lamp against manufacturing defects, and Haag-Streit will replace any defective part(s) free of charge.

Why do I need a warranty?

Consistent performance over many years

Your slit lamp consists of more than 100 moving parts which have up to 50 motions per examination. To maintain the smooth and precise operation of these mechanical components, even after millions of movements, they need to be periodically cleaned and greased. The interval depends upon the intensity of the use of the slit lamp and the ambient conditions.

What’s covered?

Two flexible options to suit your needs

The 10 Year Limited Warranty covers all parts of the slit lamp against manufacturing defects. For additional peace of mind, make sure to consider our more comprehensive maintenance contract, which covers, among other factors: wear and tear, labor costs and engineer travel expenses, as well as one annual service visit for the duration of the 10-year warranty period.

Register your slit lamp online

No paperwork required

To activate the 10 Year Limited Warranty, you must register your slit lamp on the Haag-Streit online registration platform. This simple process creates a trackable online service record, enabling our technicians to detail all service activity, and all the information on your Haag-Streit slit lamp in a single, accessible place.