Eyestar 900 elevates practice workflow for one of the UK’s top eye surgeons

Haag-Streit is delighted to share a successful collaboration with Dr. Ali Mearza of OCL Vision, London.

Recently, Haag-Streit had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Ali Mearza, MBBS, FRCOPHTH at his state-of-the-art clinic in Kensington, London. Our purpose was to gain deeper insight into the benefits gained by investing in the Eyestar 900 and utilizing its versatile tools for cataract and refractive surgery.

Through a series of informal interviews, the Haag-Streit team was able to glean a comprehensive understanding around the many reasons why OCL Vision chose the Eyestar – and how this swept-source OCT device has elevated its practice workflow.

Premium kit, premium care

Dr. Mearza, Director and founding partner for OCL Vision, originally implemented the Eyestar for use at OCL Vision’s flagship central London clinic in New Cavendish Street. He was so impressed with the qualities of this swept-source OCT device that the team immediately purchased another Eyestar for their Elstree practice. By the time OCL Vision opened its Kensington clinic in May 2023, implementing a further Eyestar was a no-brainer.

Looking back, Dr. Mearza says: “Our aim was simple. To provide the best possible care, using the best possible kit, to our patients.”

Keeping pace with technology

One of the UK’s top eye surgeons specializing in laser eye surgery, lens and corneal surgery, Dr. Mearza has an unmistakeable thirst to use technology within his practice. Since implementing his first Eyestar, he has taken full advantage of the expanded functionalities available within the device. For example, using the Cataract Suite, as well as the Anterior Chamber Suite, to enable faster and more accurate surgical planning.

How the Eyestar 900 helps with cataract surgery

A delicate procedure, precise measurements are the cornerstone of successful cataract surgeries. The Eyestar’s high-quality images provide invaluable visual aids for patient discussions. Dr. Mearza comments:

“The Eyestar is beneficial over other devices because of its unique technology and its acquisition speed.  So even if you have a poor ocular surface… using the Eyestar allows you to capture the image very quickly and can bypass the tear film abnormalities.”

For more on this topic, watch: How does the Eyestar 900 help cataract planning in complex cases? - YouTube

Benefits of the Anterior Chamber Suite

This suite – a seamless extension of the Eyestar’s core functionality – offers a comprehensive view of the anterior chamber, helping clinicians accurately diagnose, plan surgical procedures, predict outcomes, and control the intervention efficacy of anterior chamber surgery. This helps surgeons such as Dr. Mearza and his team identify early signs of complex corneal conditions and plan accordingly. He continues:

“The Anterior Chamber Suite gives you topographic information about 12mm diameter of the cornea, and gives you information about the anterior as well as the posterior cornea. That’s important to pick up any abnormalities such as keratoconus, or any other problems affecting the cornea, which may affect the outcome of the surgery.”

Watch now: Benefits of the Eyestar 900’s Anterior Chamber Suite - YouTube

Speed and ease of use

The OCL team can see around 100 patients a day, meaning that the Eyestar’s fast acquisition time – typically just 40 seconds – is a real driver for efficiency across the OCL network. Moreover, the ability to scan both eyes at once has streamlined patient flow and decreased preoperative imaging times. This efficiency around data acquisition is crucial in a busy clinic environment.

Discover more…

For all these reasons, the Eyestar is the top choice when it comes to unlocking precision and efficiency. To hear more first-hand benefits from Dr. Mearza, please watch our video case study. Alternatively, read the full story “How the Eyestar 900 has elevated our practice”, published by CRST Global.