Haag-Streit launches 3D imaging option for the Imaging Module 910

Haag-Streit is delighted to announce the launch of the Imaging Module 910 3D (IM 910 3D). To-date, ophthalmologists have been able to document slit lamp images – but only in 2D. The images presented in two dimensions lack depth, which limits the comprehensive visualization of the observed content.

By enhancing the proven capabilities of the Haag-Streit Imaging Module 910 (IM 910) through the addition of a second 4K camera – ophthalmologists can now experience an immersive depth impression, unveiling more detail for a richer viewing experience.

The results have wide-ranging benefits: from clinicians in practice, to ophthalmology teachers, and teleconsultants in approved markets*.


Through the recording of videos and images in 3D, clinicians enjoy a more detailed and authentic representation of the slit lamp exam, making the perception of anatomical relationships easier to identify, thereby enhancing the overall clarity and interpretability of the observed content.


Developing slit lamp examination skills is not simply about being able to operate the slit lamp; trainees must also be able to recognize what they are seeing. Traditional methods, such as co-observer tubes, require trainees to hunch over the eyepieces, which can be uncomfortable.

By sharing an enhanced 3D digital view between the monitor and the oculars, ophthalmology teachers can be sure that residents have observed the relevant details. This, plus the ability to stream quality digital videos and images in 3D to multiple residents around the world, creates a modern, comfortable, and collaborative teaching environment.


Moreover, the ability to transmit this immersive 3D experience remotely between teleconsultant and examining clinicians supports new possibilities in eye health care. It is important however, to note that this functionality is currently available in the USA only, not in the EU.

“We are thrilled to launch the new 3D feature for the IM 910,” says Frank Wenger, Head of Product Management General Diagnostics. “This innovation not only offers a completely new experience in teaching but also enables remote diagnostics through authentic 3D slit lamp images and videos."

*Available in the USA only, not available in the EU

For more information, visit the IM 910 3D product page.